About Me

I am the Director of Hardware Engineering in a global technology company, currently specializing in the Gaming and Amusement industry.  I am a Mechanical Engineer by nature and education, and have expanded my role to become responsible for a team of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Industrial Design, Document Control / Product Configuration and Product Safety Compliance.

I manage and co-manage teams in our local office, expanded domestic offices and international locations.    Our teams are responsible for Design and Release to Market for B2B Products from cradle to grave, starting with concept sketches and specification generation to Released Product Lifecycle Management, all the way to Product retirement and obsolescence.  I have interests in both Organizational Behavior and Supply Chain Management (SCM), and actively integrate SCM principles and requirements into the upstream design cycle.  My belief is that the Operations Umbrella, including Procurement and Manufacturing are Hardware Engineering’s largest internal customer.  Our work product should be tailored for clan hand off with the Operations teams.

Outside of work I am married with 3 teenage children (I offer to rent them out, cheap), a menagerie of pets, like to travel, camp and be outdoors.  My wife and I are certified ‘car people’, active and interested in Hot Rods, classic cars, motorcycles and boats.



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